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The Ghost Editor

I wrote 518 words in the last 24 hrs…why? It’s not like I don’t have all sorts of ‘episodes’ of the story in my head…

here’re my ‘BookNotes for yesterday:

Valdemar turns off the direct trail

Young Kender follows party at a distance…

Confrontation with Leaders at some point before exit from mountain – when?

That’s at least three regular pages right there – and possibly 6 pages – at 400-500 words a page…so what is my problem?

My Problem is The Ghost Editor who keeps insisting that I write in a linear manner. Like I did in school, when I had 45 minutes to write a free essay, and any tale I spun had to start at the beginning and finish at the end… That’s one other reason why I usually write ‘episodically’. I.e I will tell you a short story, around 3-5 pages and that’s the extent of what I can produce in one sitting – 45 minutes.

Mind you, I always got A+ on my essays in school, but free floating 3-5 page essays don’t make a novel.

So, The Ghost Editor insists on linear writing – which is fine when I am just telling a short story – but it’s hell when I am trying to write 50000 cohesive words into a story…

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