Double Duty for Mr. Obligation

choreYesterday I had a visit from Mr. Entitled and Mr. Procrastination, remember? Later one of their half-brothers was snuck in to my kitchen – over the phone (amazing how wispy he is, using the Ether that way…)  by my wife – who incidentally happens to be in Finland this week. Mr. Chore Obligation. Yup, there he was. As soon as my wife had hung up, he materialized like a djinn out of thin air. Pointing an ethereal finger at the dirty dishes, the garbage bags and the vacuum-cleaner.

Thing is that I can’t deny him. He has a very valid point. Novel or no Novel, I still have to do the Household Chores (which I, like any other sane person, hate to do). Mr. Entitled and Mr. Procrastination sure isn’t going to do them, just as they have not walked the dog or made me any coffee. So, like it or not, I have to do a double duty for Mr. Chore Obligation to make up for the DAY I have to spend with household implements. i.e I have to make sure I write 3600+ words before midnight…

Bummer, I was actually beginning to enjoy myself, and the process of writing…

Good thing I am about half a day ahead of the ‘schedule’ – means I can be good with just 1½ dose of writing…

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