Pay USD 15, and crash your blog…


I thought I’d get rid of the blue links and blockquote boxes, and the hideously LARGE widget Titles… – I would prefer if they were either the same color as the back ground, or in some yellow, orange, red, brown shade… and a tad smaller that the Post Title and Blog Title…

I have done this on WordPress before, and on Blogspot, no problem – just get in there, change a few HEX codes and all is well…

Or that’s what I thought…

Nope – my blog CRASHED completely – the post text went into the background color, the background image disappeared…and my blog looked a mess.

So, ok, change the theme, right? I did SIX times, from the crashed one to SIX other similar looking themes…the text was still ‘disappeared’, the links still ugly blue and the background image still hidden… then clear your cache, did that 5 times, finally I used the option to restore…

I am still missing the background image…

15 USD, and I have not gotten what I paid for.

Sorry WordPress, that just isn’t good enough.

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