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The things I…


…to get out of dealing with my literary monsters

  1. make a number of 350×350 stock photo pspimage templates – so I can make icons for my blog.
  2. compose and make 7 artworks size 350x350px – so I can make smaller icons for my blog.
  3. resize those 7 350x350px images so they are all 175x75px.
  4. resize all images I have used in my Literary Lint blog so far, so they are ALL 175x175px (symmetry is good, and it will look messy if my post-icons are different sizes…)
  5. re-organize my image folders on my computer, so that each size has its own folder, and each image file type is sorted nicely.
  6. plan my blogging, so that I can write entries in advance and have my blog ‘self-publish’ those entries (one a day).
  7. write this blog entry.

That is only thus far today.

Mind you, I am full of the intention to deal with that crappy monster, I ‘just have to do this… first.

I am sure that by day’s end I will have done all sorts of things that have nothing to do with my novel or my monsters.

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