Writing Worries

PenRocks175x175I got the Title from Hapless Dad – there’s no connection, I just liked the alliteration, and I am having a bit of writing worries…

I decided to take part in a Blog Party – 12 Days of Yule (got the idea from Ketutar) – I like the structure and I like the themes – I can easily do 100-300 words on these themes for 12 days. However, the blog owner and the blog is Pagan. I am not. Nor is this blog Pagan or even decidedly spiritual…so will I have the owner over here chewing me out for ‘not doing it the right way’ and generally pissing in my porridge, like this blog owner did?

Which brings me to a thought I have mulled over lately in connection to writing, ‘writing challenges’ and blog surfing.


I give praise in public and give pointers (negative critique) in private. Simply because there’s no need to possibly hurt and humiliate another person by pointing out that their writing suck or that they failed to pull off the challenge ‘correctly’ to the public.

The public is fully capable of detecting any flaws and failures all by themselves, without me  (or anyone else including the ugly self-critique of the person in question) rubbing it in through the comment section. After all, reading the comments from other on a blog, should be a positive experience.

If I think I have something to give to another writer’s craft, I can just as well send them a note in mail. If I can find no mail address, I just leave it.

I cannot shake the notion that people who serve up a mixed dish of positive and negative critique in public do so to ‘show how intelligent they are’ by telling others how stupid they are.


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2 responses to “Writing Worries

  1. gtrleyshon

    Hey, thanks for the link.
    I completely agree with what you’re saying, and I think the approach of giving positive feedback in public and criticism in private is a good one, which shows consideration for the often fragile ego of the writer.
    It strikes me that those who insist on dishing out the negative stuff in public are the kind of people who like the sound of their own voice (or rather, like the look of their own typing!), and are making up for some insecurity or other. Try not to get mad at these people, they need our pity!!


  2. Thank you, both for coming by and for sharing your supportive thoughts. The old adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, to my mind holds true. Unfortunately some seem to think that if they say something nice, they are also entitled to say something ‘not nice’. The old saying doesn’t ‘allow’ for that.

    The ego of the writer. Yes. Can often be fragile – especially if the language they use is not their native tongue. I tried to convey, in private, to the person in question, that my failure to comply with the required number of words was due to my not being familiar with the concept of a drabble – because English is not my first language and the modern Anglian literary sphere is not that familiar to me. After two attempts at communicating and getting no real comprehension in return, I gave up. No use spending energy on lost causes :)
    Thank you again for coming by and commenting.


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