Thank you, Helena…

DoorWaterPen175x175…for being insane :D

We writers start with that mess and then throw on our novels and stories and plots and characters and themes and so much other fictional flotsam and jetsam that our poor gray matter is ready to blow a neuronal fuse. (from Becoming Layla)

Since I am not anywhere near publishing anything I have written, I appreciate the blogs and articles written by those who have been published or are about to publish for the first time, when they share the PROCESS, and not just dole out ‘writer’s tricks’ or ‘advice on grammar and style’.

I am not crazy.

I am not stupid.

I am not inconsiderate.

I am not a scatter-brain.

I am a writer.

So thank you, Helena for sharing your ‘insanity’ with me :D


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2 responses to “Thank you, Helena…

  1. You know, I SWEAR I left a comment for your generous, funny post way back when you wrote it. But I notice that the days were right around when my computer at work had a nervous breakdown (Yes! I confess! I sometimes go on blogs while on the job!) and a lot of my emails and other stuff never reached their destination. Anyway, now that I’m technologically functioning again both at home AND on the job, I’ll be stopping by here regularly.

    Have a wonderful, literary New Year (now that Christmas if over).


  2. Oh, Helena, I believe you:) The Net is full of Gremlins, that EAT comments and posts, it happens to me too:)
    Thank you for hopping by, and for being kind :)


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