A Grinch with a Heart

Skipping Christmas

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LiteraryLintBooks175x175I read my my wife’s blog almost religiously, so when I came across this post by her, I had a very strong urge – to READ the book – “Skipping Christmas” by John Grisham. You can see my comment to her post here. I read it. The night before last.

It is a wonderful story. Not just the ending, which is delightful, and yes indeed a tear teaser, but the entire story.

It is a story about a man’s determination to not give into the social pressures of his neighborhood. It might be that his initial motivation is financial – 6100 USD worth of motivation – but beneath that lies his desire to do things his way, because he decides it’s his way. To stop being dragged around by traditions and conventions. Despite some rather personalized attempts from his neighbors to ‘break’ him.

It is also a story about that same man throwing all his resolutions to the winds for the sake of love.

It is about a neighborhood that, when there is a need can put aside personal and collective dislikes and simply SHOW UP for the sake of love and the Season Spirit. And about a man’s willingness to show humility and accept that his annoying neighbors are so much more than that.

I came away from the reading liking Luther Krank and his Nora, as two genuinely Menschlich people. I also came away from the reading amazed indeed – I am used to read John Grisham – you know, the thriller author – and put the book down feeling that I had just put down a piece of literary fiction that is truly that. LITERARY fiction at its best.

procrastinationThat aside – I have earned another of Merit Badger’s Badges.

I simply do not want to struggle with that monster. I don’t frigging care if my characters get eaten alive by some bloodcurdling nasty behemoth from the depths of Hel. Right now I don’t even care if I finish the novel and get my finished proof copy from CreateSpace…

I got this:


That’s enough – right now…:D


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3 responses to “A Grinch with a Heart

  1. lol
    I’m glad you liked the book :-) I found the movie too… and we’re going to watch it. Think, Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd as Vic Frohmeyer…


  2. Now I have seen the movie – now, where’s my t-shirt? :D

    Yes, I liked the movie, though I have to say that I am annoyed when scriptwriters and directors do not follow the original text – the story lost a bit in the movie I think – mainly because the book is not a comedy, even if it does have some funny bits – so READ the book first, then watch the movie (and get the t-shirt).


  3. lol Yes, I agree with you… the need to explain things. They could have used a narrator voice to explain what people were thinking. That would have been good, I think.
    I also didn’t like the burgler nor the explanation to who Marty was. I kind of liked the mystery that nobody knew who he was but he knew everyone :-)


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