One worry down…

PenFireSmallI realized that one reason I have been procrastinating my novel was fear that I would not have the money to buy the registered version of the software I use for writing.

That’s solved. I bought it on Friday, and should have the package in the mail on Monday or Tuesday next week. It comes with three licenses, so my wife can have it too – it sure will beat what she is using now.

I know, I know, it shouldn’t matter, but I am actually rather dependent on things like font and color. And BOOKNOTES. To be able to keep my notes sorted and orderly and LINKED to the passages or chapters or sections for quick look up.

I hate Microsoft.

I love their software.


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4 responses to “One worry down…

  1. I’m really happy to hear that :-)

    It is amazing how the tools matter. When we thought my computer had crashed, I was totally lost… a piece of plastic and wires shouldn’t matter that much.

    So, I need to print everything I have written… good you bought so many black cartridges:-D


  2. Yes, Back up is very important.

    I have also let myself get confused about things “you are supposed to do” when writing…
    That Interview thingy you posted about threw me loops.

    I can’t do that – I don’t know what to answer…:(


  3. Nina Dahl

    Berätta lite om din bok, blir jättenyfiken. Gengre, stil – ja vad du vill berätta.


  4. Uh. Det finns ett utdrag här och om du klickar länken för november får du upp all inlägg som har med boken att göra – den är långt ifrån färdig…Jag verkar ha väldigt svårt att förklara… Men genren är definitivt Fantasy – och egentligen skulle det ‘bara’ bli 50000 ord för NaNoWriMo…vilket det också blev. Saker och ting har gått istå – vissa monster har visat sig besvärliga att få på papper.

    Kul att du kom förbi och kommenterade :)



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