Terse Tuesday – Poetry Prompt 2

PenBells175x175Is it possible to tell a story in poetry?

How about Haiku? Haiku in English.

The way I was taught in school the very basics of a haiku are  – A place, a movement and an emotion – either explicit or implicit divided over three lines and 17 syllables – like so: 5 – 7 –  5.

Here’s my suggested Haiku prompt: Earth

snow-covered earth
dying bear asleep within
grieving for lost ice

This isn’t a test or a competition – if you like you can share in the comments – if you don’t want to share, that’s ok too :) But if you do something with this – leave a comment, and say “hi”.

This is part of my Terse Tuesday – a bit of word-smithing because it is fun.


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