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Blog Blasphemy

WinterIconI hate WordPress – because it’s so difficult to fix the LOOK of one’s blog. I might like the LAYOUTS, but do those template authors actually have eyes? Or are they COLOR BLIND?? I like color-coordination, guys!

I hate Blogger – because they show the UGLY tool box of every section of the blog page to me, the owner, if I am logged into Blogger. Looks messy, ugly, untidy and half-cocked and takes away my inspiration. That is if I use the NEW and IMPROVED themes –if I use the old themes, the tool box-shit-icon is gone, BUT nothing works, no track backs, no notifications and no – sensibility.

Switching Blog Provider is not really an option, so I am stuck with WP – for now – when I get to be a rich bastard I am gonna BUY a domain on one of the more independent providers :D

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