LiteraryLintMonster175x175Wherefore avail oneself of an uncomplicated appellation whereas oneself possesses the ability to behold heavenward an additionally flamboyant linguistic unit?

Translation: Why use a simple word when you can look up a fancier one? (from Merit Badger)

Yet… at times synonyms are GOOD, as each one will add a slight flavor to what I am writing. After all, there is a difference between ‘naked’ and ‘bare’. To one who speaks English as their first language, the difference might not be as tangible as for one who has just two words for ‘without cover’.

If I want to say that someone is completely undressed, ‘naked’ will do, yes. But if I want to make a note that someone’s standing in the snow without shoes, ‘bare’ will say a little more, at least to my ears and mind.

But sure, most times the simple word is the best way to go. Also for the writer who does not speak English as their first language.


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3 responses to “Fancy WORDS

  1. What? In Finnish: täh? :-D
    I have full respect to people with wide vocabulary, but using words only few people understand is not a sign of intelligence and “learneth-dom” (?) but the quite opposite. Either one is so limited to one’s own specialty that one doesn’t even know the common words, or one is so full of oneself, one tries to dazzle with the fancy words. Blah.


  2. Methinks she is being SARCASTIC…but that’s just me.


  3. jeg700

    I believe in the KISS theory, Keep It Simple Stupid, when writing. I prefer knowing that my meaning will be straightforward and clear rather than ambiguous.


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