Mother’s Night

MothersNightShe’d dug the den just before the ice broke, it’s her first. It’d had been a good year. Plenty of seals. Now she’s waiting, half asleep beneath the snow. They should be here any time now, her body’s rhythmic signals tells her this. Within the rhythm of her half sleep she wonders what they will be like. She knows they will be two. She’s known since she dug the den. Here comes the first. So small! She moves a little to give him room to find her teat. He smells funny. She didn’t think he’d smell so…real. Here comes the other. A little girl! She too smells funny. It is done. She has completed the task given to her by her mother and her mother before her. Drifting down into the layers of her inner den, she smiles contentedly.

This is part of the Reflections at the Magick Tree 12 days of Yule Blog Party

Here’s my Wife’s corresponding post:

Blue Annis


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  1. I love this! Thank you :-)


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