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This is the first and last year I participate in a Yule Blog Party…the only one who has commented on my 12 Days of Yule entries is Ket:( – and the ‘organizer’ had some badness in the family and has not even posted the list of the participants…

Well it’s just my luck I guess.


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Winter Solstice

WinterSolsticeShe grabs her two children and her small pack from the deck beside her. The cold winter wind rips through her clothes. Looking down the gangway she follows her husband into this new land. So many noises, smells and sights batter her senses. Fear ripples through her heart and mind. Ezra has a commission to build a cathedral in the spring. What will there be for her and the children? she wonders. What good will her calendar be, here in the far north where the sun either never rises or never sets? She takes a firmer hold of the pack, hears the candlesticks clatter against each other. Tomorrow is Shabbat. Will she get everything ready in only six hours of daylight? “Shekinah”, she whispers as she steps onto the snow-covered dock , “Bearer of Burdens and Eternal Presence, just get me through the cold, that will be enough.”

This is part of the Reflections at the Magick Tree 12 days of Yule Blog Party


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