This is the first and last year I participate in a Yule Blog Party…the only one who has commented on my 12 Days of Yule entries is Ket:( – and the ‘organizer’ had some badness in the family and has not even posted the list of the participants…

Well it’s just my luck I guess.


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7 responses to “Disappointed

  1. Yeah… I so understand. I at least took bother to visit all the blogs I knew were participating :->
    If I was you, I would delete all the link information to the original blog. I can fully understand that one doesn’t feel like doing much anything, but a commitment is a commitment. If she doesn’t bother visiting her blog, even though she said she would, she doesn’t deserve to be linked to.


  2. No, I won’t – I’ll follow through – at least this incident has given me something to write about for the entry on the 24th – about honor – I made the commitment, what kind of honor would I have if I bailed on the commitment.
    Besides, she might come around yet – it’s only been two days… But it sure feels crappy. I found only one other participant, and commented on her entry – though she has not returned the favor either – I am glad I know you, or I would think all pagans are stuck up and looking down their noses at´either men or Jews…



  3. Well, when you enter a commitment with someone else, a person or a community, and that other part doesn’t keep their part of the commitment, it’s not a dishonor not to keep your part of the commitment either.

    She might come around yet… sure. She said she already wrote her blog entries and posted them, and plans to come back next year, but there has been no blog entries posted. I don’t think she IS coming back.

    I have found 4 participants, commented on two of the entries, I’m the third and I found the fourth today, but I really don’t feel like commenting on her blog, or anything surrounding this event. I really want to wipe out everything connected to her from my blog. (I’m so bothered by this I’m complaining about the fact errors she makes in the list. The Blue Hag is not Sun, She’s Winter.)

    It is as you say, it’s not only her, it’s the other people who should be participating in this, giving a bad name to the whole Pagan blogging community.

    I’m glad you at least know one Pagan to show you all are not the same. :-(


  4. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my humble little blog. Please be patient with the timing of visitors to your blog. Some of us don’t get online until the late night. I just happened to get online earlier today than usual. Last night I tried to visit some of the blogs that had said they were participating but wasn’t getting very far. I am having more success this afternoon. A list with links would be nice. I look forward to reading the rest of your story. As for the hostess of this blog party..oh well, life happens and I will continue to participate anyway.


  5. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am not sure what time you visited my blog but your comment only came through about 45 minutes ago. I think that blogger has issues sometimes. I have another blog I follow and her posts come through days late sometimes.


  6. Thank you Sophia :) It was very kind of you to come by :)

    Yes, I did as you, looked at the ppl who said they would participate, and I visited them, so far I have only found 12 Days of Yule entries on your blog and two others, but I guess that is good too – at least we found each other. As for the entries – I am not sure it will be one continuous story – more like little ‘flash-scenes’ of what pops into my head around the ‘themes’ given by the originator of the this Blog Party.



  7. Please come visit…i am doing giveaways…and there will be another mystery gift giveaway on my last post. (I probably will not post all 12 days) I asked where the list is of participating blogs…no response yet. and yes it is disappointing.


    Susan (ForestIsis)


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