DoorWaterPen175x175“Give me my bag!” His bag rustle from hand to hand just out of his reach.

“Come and take it, you dumb kike!” Laughter.

“Give me my bag, the books in it  belong to the library, give it to me!” He reaches for the bag when  it passes through the air.

“Ooh, the kike has been to the library, the kike can read, the kike thinks he is better than us!” The bag lands on the snow. Books all over the snow. More laughter.

A rustle of clothes. Silence.

“Leave him alone!” Hands help him pick up the books.


This is part of the Reflections at the Magick Tree 12 days of Yule Blog Party


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8 responses to “Courage

  1. Ok, so I have a dumb question…what is a “kike”? It sounds like derogatory term.


  2. Hi Sophia :)
    ‘Kike’ is a derogatory term for ‘Jew’.

    And there are no ‘dumb’ questions. The only dumb questions are those that do not get asked. :)


  3. Oh yeah….now that you tell me I remember having heard that before long time ago. Not a word we hear tossed around in these parts, probably because there are no Jewish people here in this rural area for anyone to be derogatory towards.


  4. Probably not – and thank you for coming by and commenting :)


  5. I like it… it’s just… so short :-D makes me want more :-) Well done :-)


  6. Short, but touches base with all the bullying kids endure. I hope this is leading to something that has to do with Yule, right now I am a little lost. LOL

    I am very happy to have found your blog though, and now following.

    Merry Yule!

    Warm bright blessings,
    Susan (ForestIsis)


  7. Well Susan, no I am not sure it will lead to anything that has to do with Yule as such – but the concepts, those I will move through.

    Here’s a post that is perhaps a disclaimer

    I am sorry if I disappointed you :(


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