Brief Yule Interlude

WinterIconI am participating in Reflections at the Magick Tree 12 days of Yule Blog Party.

The Originating Blog is Pagan – and so far all participating Blogs, except mine, are Pagan. No, I am not Pagan – I am Jewish – so my entries will be written from within a Jewish Tradition, maybe they are not ‘adhering strictly to the format’ – but then I am not sure there is a specific format required, other than write a piece for each of the 12 Days of Yule, using the given themes – the originator even says to adapt to one’s own beliefs. So, take my entries as an opportunity to see how the theme concepts can be both specific and general, and have meaning in many Spiritual Traditions.

If you came here expecting to find Pagan stories on Yule, then I am sorry to disappoint you – my wife is not actively participating in this, but she does have a Pagan Blog, because she IS Pagan. Perhaps you’ll find Pagan Yule Stories if you look among the Blogs on her Blog Roll?


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4 responses to “Brief Yule Interlude

  1. Well, thank you but I don’t think a disclaimer was necessary really. I am pleased to read your entries because they come from a different tradition and perspective. May you have a blessed Yule in your own way too! :)


  2. No, Sophia, I didn’t think a disclaimer was necessary, but then it was brought to my attention that as the Blog Party originated in a Pagan Blog, people would feel cheated, as my entries are not ‘Pagan’ as such. So I decided to write the disclaimer all the same :)

    I am very happy that you have found what I intended – a ‘cross-over’, showing how the concepts given for each day of the 12 Days of Yule, are really very universal.

    I do wish you a very happy Yuletide :)


  3. NO disappointment here, I was expecting yule, but what I found is just as interesting :)
    I am very new on this path. I was Christian, still dealing with that, my studies thus far have shown me many similarities from many religions. I myself am very interested in Native American spirituality.

    No worries…write away! :)



  4. Ah, thank you, Susan. Yes I was rattled there for a bit. I am glad however that you found something you could use. Oh, yes, the Fundie Path – been there myself for a number of years *sigh*. Is hard to shake, but it’s nice when it’s done.

    Happy Yuletide!


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