I have nothing for this day – sorry guys – I am tired, sad and empty of ideas.


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8 responses to “Hospitality

  1. Oh please, don’t be sad. At least you’ve posted that you’re not posting anything. I haven’t posted anything for over a week and am using my “I’m traveling” excuse. And I know firsthand that feeling of being empty of ideas. So go out, have a good time with loved ones, and afterward tell us all that you’re writing again and all is well. ‘Cause that’s what I want for you.


  2. you are very kind. And I am sure that I will have something brewed for tomorrow…
    I might do a double post.

    You know – this comment is one of the kindest I have had to any of my blogs in a VERY long time, if I do not count Ket’s comments (which I do, and yet don’t…)

    I’ll give myself a break and then breathe and then try and live some. :)

    many hugs,


  3. Aww…don’t feel bad about not posting something about hospitality. I didn’t do fidelity yesterday. Was a busy day and when the day got quiet, I had nothing to say either. Of course, my day yesterday gave me fodder for today’s topic. :)


  4. Just checking in to see if you’re doing better and you’re back to writing and reading and having a good life. How goes the new year for you?


  5. Maria Angela Grow

    Just give us a hug, and that is worth more than a plenitude of words. Silence is an important part of us too. But it is harder to share silence with someone in print, online etc. Hugs


  6. no i have not fallen off the face of the earth – but i have for the time being a need to not try and force any LITERARY attempts out me. thank you Helena and Maria, hugs are good, and one to each of you, right back *hug*


  7. Hey…just checking in to see if you are doing well. I see you have at least checked in. Hope you get inspired again soon.


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