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I did it again!

Winner_180_180_white_2011Well – nothing’s been posted for almost a year – but – here I am again.

I participated in NaNoWriMo again this year – and won. 58416 words at the end of November – and the story is not done. My wife demands to know what happens next…:D

This year I chose to write longhand and not on computer. Turned out that I am way faster writing longhand – I reached 50000 words in 12 days!

I also fond that writing longhand removed almost all distractions.

Ok, so last year I ‘focused’ very much on planning and getting the story logical and linear. And lost the ‘spark’ when ‘the geography’ refused to compute.

This year I wrote without bothering about planning, and let the story tell itself. Even I had no idea what was going to happen from chapter to chapter.

Remember how I shared last year that I write in ‘episodes’? Well I figured out that each episode, with a transition or two actually makes up a chapter.

I was told that I am a pantser – i.e I write by the seat of my pants…and it worked. this year’s story is much better than last year’s. I still have to finish and I still have to edit – but that’s not important – the important thing is the story.

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