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Writing Focus


it is hard to maintain three creative blogs simultaneously. still, i really want to keep each of them in a creative focus.

painting is not writing and writing is not social. they all deserve a focused effort.

then again, as long as i do write SOMETHING on each of them, and it touches on the topic of the individual blog, brevity is not a bad thing, i think.

i am still struggling with my ideas and my ASPIRING WRITER unit. he still  claims that he cannot write anything  beyond the 100 character mark. i do not care. i still write.

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Brief Yule Interlude

WinterIconI am participating in Reflections at the Magick Tree 12 days of Yule Blog Party.

The Originating Blog is Pagan – and so far all participating Blogs, except mine, are Pagan. No, I am not Pagan – I am Jewish – so my entries will be written from within a Jewish Tradition, maybe they are not ‘adhering strictly to the format’ – but then I am not sure there is a specific format required, other than write a piece for each of the 12 Days of Yule, using the given themes – the originator even says to adapt to one’s own beliefs. So, take my entries as an opportunity to see how the theme concepts can be both specific and general, and have meaning in many Spiritual Traditions.

If you came here expecting to find Pagan stories on Yule, then I am sorry to disappoint you – my wife is not actively participating in this, but she does have a Pagan Blog, because she IS Pagan. Perhaps you’ll find Pagan Yule Stories if you look among the Blogs on her Blog Roll?


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This is the first and last year I participate in a Yule Blog Party…the only one who has commented on my 12 Days of Yule entries is Ket:( – and the ‘organizer’ had some badness in the family and has not even posted the list of the participants…

Well it’s just my luck I guess.


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December 17…and nothing to write about ‘Writing’…

Bookandglassesso… I’ll borrow: from Best Colleges Online

From poetry to lengthy prose, creative writing can be a great way to express yourself. Of course, even the best students and writers can use a few tips, a little inspiration and a whole lot of help getting their work out there. These blogs offer all of that and more. From blogs that focus on writers still trying to make it in the publishing world to those providing updates from best selling authors, you’ll find all kinds of information geared towards improving and informing your creative writing.

A few from the section Aspiring Authors

  1. The Desperate Writer: This writer and cosmetologist shares her stories on this blog, both personal and creative.
  2. Incurable Disease of Writing: Blogger Missy is getting her degree in creative writing and posts about her experiences on this site.
  3. Emerging Writers Network: If you’re just getting started in your writing career, check out this site to learn about the ins and outs of writing and about other writers working towards success.
  4. Ficticity: Check out this site to find posted stories, writing tips and even a few book reviews.
  5. Authors’ Blogs: This isn’t just one blog, but a collection of numerous aspiring writers sites, so you can take your pick of reading material.
  6. Plot Monkeys: These four bloggers talk about everything from their everyday lives to the books they love.
  7. Maternal Spark: Moms who love to write or create on the side

a few from the section Improving Your Craft

  1. Men With Pens: Whether you’re a writer freelancing or just writing for fun, you’ll find tips on how to do it better on this blog.
  2. Write a Better Novel: Make sure whatever you’re writing will get the attention it deserves when time comes to get it published. This blog provides all kinds of information on creating a better novel, no matter the subject.
  3. Write Better: Here you’ll find a wide range of writing tips to get your creative writing in top shape.
  4. Clear Writing with Mr. Clarity: Learn to get to the point and write clearly and concisely whether you’re writing a letter at work or working on a book.
  5. Mike’s Writing Workshop: This blogger is all about posting things that can help writers get better and get inspired.
  6. Kim’s Craft Blog: Learn about writing fiction, memoirs and other creative writing from this writer who teaches courses at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

a few from the section Grammar and Editing

  1. GrammarBlog: Laugh at the grammar and spelling errors of others while getting tips on improving your own skills on this blog.
  2. Evil Editor: This editor might be evil, but the tips provided on this blog can really help you refine your stories.
  3. Blue Pencil Editing: This blog is both a good resource for working editors and and writers in search of a little guidance.
  4. Editing and Proofreading Hints and Tips: Get simple tips on improving your editing process from this blog.
  5. Headsup: the blog: Here you’ll find posts about the sometimes frustrating world of editing and learn what not to do.
  6. Grammarphobia: This site offers readers the chance to ask their own grammar and language questions and get answers.
  7. Apostrophe Abuse: Think you know how to use the apostrophe? This blog might teach you otherwise.
  8. Daily Writing Tips: Get some daily advice on how to improve the basics of your writing.

Yeah, I know what a lazy bum I am – but guys – my head is empty, hollow, bare, dead, echoing with the sounds of uninspired SILENCE.

And I still have to come up with a piece on Honor for the 12 Days of Yule Blog Party

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Blog Blasphemy

WinterIconI hate WordPress – because it’s so difficult to fix the LOOK of one’s blog. I might like the LAYOUTS, but do those template authors actually have eyes? Or are they COLOR BLIND?? I like color-coordination, guys!

I hate Blogger – because they show the UGLY tool box of every section of the blog page to me, the owner, if I am logged into Blogger. Looks messy, ugly, untidy and half-cocked and takes away my inspiration. That is if I use the NEW and IMPROVED themes –if I use the old themes, the tool box-shit-icon is gone, BUT nothing works, no track backs, no notifications and no – sensibility.

Switching Blog Provider is not really an option, so I am stuck with WP – for now – when I get to be a rich bastard I am gonna BUY a domain on one of the more independent providers :D

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Pay USD 15, and crash your blog…


I thought I’d get rid of the blue links and blockquote boxes, and the hideously LARGE widget Titles… – I would prefer if they were either the same color as the back ground, or in some yellow, orange, red, brown shade… and a tad smaller that the Post Title and Blog Title…

I have done this on WordPress before, and on Blogspot, no problem – just get in there, change a few HEX codes and all is well…

Or that’s what I thought…

Nope – my blog CRASHED completely – the post text went into the background color, the background image disappeared…and my blog looked a mess.

So, ok, change the theme, right? I did SIX times, from the crashed one to SIX other similar looking themes…the text was still ‘disappeared’, the links still ugly blue and the background image still hidden… then clear your cache, did that 5 times, finally I used the option to restore…

I am still missing the background image…

15 USD, and I have not gotten what I paid for.

Sorry WordPress, that just isn’t good enough.

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