Words 1: Colon


colon is a funny word. at least in English.

colon: the punctuation mark :, usually preceding an explanation or an example of what has gone before, a list, or an extended quotation.

colon: large intestine, from Greek kolon.

colon: a colonial farmer or plantation owner

so a semicolon must be all of the above split in two or halved, right?

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Monster Digs


remember this post? well i have been mulling over a continuation on the theme of monsters under my bed.

“When you were little, you could swear there was a monster under your bed–but no one believed you. On the eve of your 30th birthday, you hear noises coming from under your bed once again. The monster is back and has an important message to deliver to you.”

it is actually an excellent subject.  think about it – there are all those pretentious books out there, written by people claiming to have dialogs with G-d. what if there were books full of messages from the monsters living under beds, in closets, drawers, cupboards, basements, attics… and what if those messages are just as important as any celestial communications?

there’s a thought, huh?

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How come…


writing seems to be much like a bottle of ketchup. i shake it and shake it and nothing happens, and then all of a sudden half the bottle lands on my plate.

i don’t get it. for 2 years in a row i have managed to write 50.000+ words in 30 days  – and basically nothing in between. it’s not that i do not want to, i do. it’s just that somehow words elude me december-october.

it is a puzzle.

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since this year is an Olympian Year – this blog and my other blogs will not be updated from today July 24 until August 13 2012. instead, visit my friends’ blogs – links are on the left.



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today i do not feel like writing anything, in fact i am having an argument with my ASPIRING WRITER unit. he claims fatigue brought on by dallying with friends on facebook and maintenance of two other blogs [link] [link] i claim he is just LAZY. he is impossible that way – though he did spend an hour sorting and ordering his research notes. not that he has very many notes to sort, but i guess it will have to count in his favor. anyway, since this argument has not come to a resolution – no writing today. sorry guys.


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November is getting closer…


ok, so i made it two years in a row. 50.000 words in a month. two weeks ago i was laying awake, mind frazzled, sweating. why? well, my dears, because Nanowrimo is getting closer, and i draw a blank on ideas to mull over once the clock hit the magical spot. i think they call it writer’s block. and still, come November 1st 00:00 am i want to be prepared. i want to have an IDEA. i want my literary wool to have a color, so i at least know what part of the universe it wants to go. and it doesn’t. i don’t.

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I did it again!

Winner_180_180_white_2011Well – nothing’s been posted for almost a year – but – here I am again.

I participated in NaNoWriMo again this year – and won. 58416 words at the end of November – and the story is not done. My wife demands to know what happens next…:D

This year I chose to write longhand and not on computer. Turned out that I am way faster writing longhand – I reached 50000 words in 12 days!

I also fond that writing longhand removed almost all distractions.

Ok, so last year I ‘focused’ very much on planning and getting the story logical and linear. And lost the ‘spark’ when ‘the geography’ refused to compute.

This year I wrote without bothering about planning, and let the story tell itself. Even I had no idea what was going to happen from chapter to chapter.

Remember how I shared last year that I write in ‘episodes’? Well I figured out that each episode, with a transition or two actually makes up a chapter.

I was told that I am a pantser – i.e I write by the seat of my pants…and it worked. this year’s story is much better than last year’s. I still have to finish and I still have to edit – but that’s not important – the important thing is the story.

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