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Side Stories…

So I have no idea what’s beyond the initial ‘story’ – that 3-5 pages long short story I can easily tell in 45 minutes. That’s another problem I have when it comes to writing – I never think about The Plot or The Characters beyond the story. To me a story is like Instant Coffee. It is as if I get bored with both my ‘plot’ and my ‘characters’ once they have served their purpose, which is to tell that initial 3-5 pages long story.

That won’t get to be a Novel – that will get to be 200 pages of instant plots and characters.

The question is what can be done about it? How can I 1. write 3-5 pages in one sitting 2. not get bored with neither the plot nor the characters and 3. get beyond my ‘natural’ limitations, that don’t seem that natural, just created out of the limitations of the Swedish school system?

By writing ‘side stories’ that are answers to questions raised by those instant episodes I am so good at concocting.

One of my Characters did something unexpected late last night (as I don’t PLAN the actions of my characters I had no idea that he would do that…Skrattar) and… well he is sort of MIA in the main story now – and at the same time I am at an impasse – regular bored with the whole thing…so what to do?

Remember what I wrote about having lots of ‘episodes’ in my head? By letting those episode notes jump up at me with questions, I can ‘lead myself along’ into those episodes, which will both get part of the story written, and give me something other to think/write about than the main story, which is at a standstill…

From My Book Notes:

Book Notes 1 – The WOLIE

EPISODE: The Wolie runs away.

(Do we know why he runs away?

Will he come back? Be found?)

What happens to him during the time he is on his own?

That last question became a Side Story, which is coming along nicely.

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