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Elusive Monsters–caught by “show don’t tell”…


I hit a snagShadow Wyrm2. I am in the middle of a scene that takes place in one of the ‘places of horrors’.  My characters are supposed to get to a specific place, to pick up a missing comra de – they have already encountered two kinds of monsters. And now they are caught between one of these (a small critter) and another is coming at them… I know its name, I know what it looks like, and in what way it is horrifyingly dangerous. But I cannot for the life of me get my mind around describing it into the story.


Because Mr. Show-Don’t-Tell (who obviously has a website…) kidnapped my brain and convinced me that simply telling a fictive reader that this monster is coming is not enough. I have to write in a manner that will make a fictive reader be just as scared out of their breeches as my characters are…

I just don’t know how to do that.

I have never met a Shadow Wyrm…so I cannot use my own experience as base-material.


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