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7+k and 6 days left…

Book and gblassesOy, I think I might actually make it.

With 42+k words written so far, and about half the story told, I doubt my novel will be finished for real by November 3oth, but at least I will have reached my 50+k by November 3oth. A nice Chanukah gift to myself. What do I think has been the hardest? The transitions. You know the parts when a particular scene has just played out that led to whatever comes next and the characters either EAT, SLEEP or THINK. I find the THINKING parts really difficult. I know how to convey emotions in an action filled scene, but how do characters relate to their own inner realities, thoughts and feelings, and how do I the author convey that to a reader. I am good at ‘episodes’ – I am less good at tying the ‘episodes’ together. (See this post).

Well no matter, I will get my 50k words in the bank and the story will make sense up to that point – what happens to it after that is anybody’s guess:)


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