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The Horse and The Cart

And then I read this:

Keeping a journal or notebook fosters the journal-writing skill, not the fiction-writing skill.
Caro Clarke; the writer’s notebook, or let’s not really write


From Ketutar Writing

Ah. I actually think Caro Clarke has a point.  At least I had a ‘flash moment ‘ when I read this.

“Oho, so that’s why I stopped writing fiction when I started journaling…” it’s true. I did. During my days and years in 12 step recovery, I would carry a journal with me everywhere – constantly examining my own feelings, explaining them to myself, processing them in clear text. I only wrote fiction or poetry those times when there was either an ‘overflow’ or I couldn’t get a clear fix ‘intellectually’ on what was going on. Or couldn’t verbalize my innards (inner kid) to myself. Then I would write stories about him or for him.

Instead of exploring my characters’ emotions and actions to understand my own or integrate them with myself, I turned the process on its head, and off course there would be no reason to explore my characters’ emotions and actions once I was directly exploring my own emotions and actions.

Several authors manage to write fiction even though they have a writer’s journal :-D Go ahead and do what ever you like. It’s not that your ideas get stale or die because you write them down in a journal. From Ketutar Writing.

Perhaps. I see your point. But I still feel sad for 15 years of fictional writing lost because I was told to bypass my fictional therapists…

I hope I can unlearn at least some, so the Horse is again in front of the Cart.


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Past the half-way mark – one day ahead

I didn’t think it would happen. That I actually managed to get past 25000 words. And relatively easy too. What I have now are two stories that will at one point converge and merge into one. I think that is probably why it’s been ‘easy’ – by writing two stories ‘simultaneously’ I am ‘getting over’ the ‘rough spots’ without straining myself or the story as a whole. It feels a bit like I am driving two cars on semi-parallel roads towards a junction or riding two boats on side-rivers that will flow into a larger river at a point up ahead. It is a very fascinating journey.

So how did my researching experiment go? I haven’t decided yet. I can do that in December. Now I just need to get 50000 words in the bank by November 3oth.

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