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literary little sheep


yeah, we all have them, don’t we – late at night, lights out, almost asleep, and an idea pops up. we are flying out of bed, scrambling for pen and paper to jot it down – and it’s gone. that brilliant, shiny literary little sheep has run off and hid somewhere… all it leaves behind is the annoying baaaahhhing echo reverberating in surround sound.

i hate them. i always feel cheated, fooled, bamboozled when i am standing there in my briefs, pen drawn for battle and no foes in sight to slay. it happens to me more often than i like – i wonder how many books, stories, novellas etc.  i COULD have written if i had caught those  little fluff balls…


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Poetry Prompt 3 – part 1

PenBells175x175Write a 26-line poem using all the letters of the alphabet, where the first line starts with the letter “A,” the second “B,” the third “C,” etc., culminating with the final line starting with “Z.”

Hm… how about making this HARD? 26 Haikus – each line starting with the letters of the alphabet – sounds interesting, right?


A  1
arms holding too tight
acorns sprinkled on the path
approaching safety

B  2
bones scattered across
burning sands of the desert
bringing tears of rage

C  3
cat rests on doorstep
caring for nothing in sight
contemplating food

D  4
door sliding ajar
demons gnashing their sharp teeth
drowning in cold sweat

E  5
evening by the pond
early fireflies playing tag
entropy arrive

F  5
fingers over keys
fragments of music reach G-d
fortuity sighs

G  6
growing seeds break soil
grasping sunlight fearlessly
grateful for being

Writing Prompts

Thanks Daphne for helping with the syllable divisions:)


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Terse Tuesday – Poetry Prompt 2

PenBells175x175Is it possible to tell a story in poetry?

How about Haiku? Haiku in English.

The way I was taught in school the very basics of a haiku are  – A place, a movement and an emotion – either explicit or implicit divided over three lines and 17 syllables – like so: 5 – 7 –  5.

Here’s my suggested Haiku prompt: Earth

snow-covered earth
dying bear asleep within
grieving for lost ice

This isn’t a test or a competition – if you like you can share in the comments – if you don’t want to share, that’s ok too :) But if you do something with this – leave a comment, and say “hi”.

This is part of my Terse Tuesday – a bit of word-smithing because it is fun.

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Writing Worries

PenRocks175x175I got the Title from Hapless Dad – there’s no connection, I just liked the alliteration, and I am having a bit of writing worries…

I decided to take part in a Blog Party – 12 Days of Yule (got the idea from Ketutar) – I like the structure and I like the themes – I can easily do 100-300 words on these themes for 12 days. However, the blog owner and the blog is Pagan. I am not. Nor is this blog Pagan or even decidedly spiritual…so will I have the owner over here chewing me out for ‘not doing it the right way’ and generally pissing in my porridge, like this blog owner did?

Which brings me to a thought I have mulled over lately in connection to writing, ‘writing challenges’ and blog surfing.


I give praise in public and give pointers (negative critique) in private. Simply because there’s no need to possibly hurt and humiliate another person by pointing out that their writing suck or that they failed to pull off the challenge ‘correctly’ to the public.

The public is fully capable of detecting any flaws and failures all by themselves, without me  (or anyone else including the ugly self-critique of the person in question) rubbing it in through the comment section. After all, reading the comments from other on a blog, should be a positive experience.

If I think I have something to give to another writer’s craft, I can just as well send them a note in mail. If I can find no mail address, I just leave it.

I cannot shake the notion that people who serve up a mixed dish of positive and negative critique in public do so to ‘show how intelligent they are’ by telling others how stupid they are.


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