A Word on Critique


I give praise in public and give pointers (negative critique) in private. Simply because there’s no need to possibly hurt and humiliate another person by pointing out that their writing suck or that they failed to pull off the challenge ‘correctly’ to the public.

I wrote the above after another blogger came and served up a dish of cold, moldy and pissriddled assumptions about why I had ‘failed’ to write to their specifications. They assumed I had failed because of lack of ability, when the truth was that I was unfamiliar with the concept in question due to English not being my first language and the Anglian literary scene not being one I live in.

It didn’t help that they also gave some positive feed-back in the same comment – my day was ruined.

So, to avoid something like that happening again, here are a few guidelines for commenting on my blog.

  • If you have nothing nice to say – keep quiet.
  • If you have nice stuff to say – say it.
  • If you have both nice and not-nice (constructive but possibly negative critique) stuff to say – say the nice stuff in public (the comment section) and put the not-nice stuff in an email and send it to me in private: sillyoldbear[at]live[dot]se

It really is very simple – you don’t want me to come to your blog and tell you how you have failed at this or that, and how your writing suck etc. – so you don’t do any of that to me.


Say something! :)

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